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About US

After taking over the business in 2020, Peter and Melanie have always been into health and well-being. After working in television and film in the US for many years, Peter and Melanie decided to move to Australia and focus on their passion for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. With a family of three growing boys, health is at the forefront of their lives and even more so today.

Peter has been athletic most of his life, competing in triathlons, paddle-board and mountain bike races. He loves to swim and surf with his boys and strives to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Melanie grew up in California and was a competitive tennis and basketball player when she was young. At present, she loves to surf with her boys and focuses on maintaining her wellbeing with pilates, yoga, and fun walks with friends.

We are grateful, hopeful, and happy to share our wellness journey with you and as we learn more about health, nutrition and wellbeing, it is our passion to share that with you. Thank you with so much gratitude and looking forward to serving you.


We, here at Pure provide a happy, social atmosphere with a warm smile to greet you and start your day. With incredible signature, organic coffees, match a and teas. we know how important it is to know how we fuel our bodies.

We have created an incredible list of smoothies, juices, and even immunity elixirs to get you moving. We use quality fresh fruit and vegetables in everything we make for you. We know how vital it is to live well, healthy, happy and strong. Before or after your work out. Come in sit down, relax and enjoy the view.

Our Goods

We have the drive to live well and by using quality fresh fruits and vegetables, we’ve created an amazingly diverse menu for breakfast and lunch that will delight the most specific type of palate.

We cater to vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, raw diets.

Our Passion

We are constantly learning more each day about how to fuel our bodies with great tasting foods and drinks. Learning what are the best  proteins and nutrient-dense foods that can help in your overall performance. You are what you eat! We work with local vendors and farmers to source the best ingredients to create new healthy meals. We still thrive on doing better each day.